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    Time:2017-11-20   HIT:
    In response to the national call of the government to promote the “The Belt and Road Initiative” construction, expand the hot emerging markets in the world, DONGFANG machinery will participate in 2017 China (India) Printing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition.
    DONGFANG Machinery focuses on paper cutting and paper processing for 35 years, and will bring the latest research achievements at the exhibition, showing the latest "made in China"".
    Exhibition Name: 2017 China (India) Trade Fair & Printing and Packing Machinery Exhibition
    Exhibition date: December 05th 2017 - December 07th, 2017
    Exhibition Address: Mumbai International Exhibition Center
    Booth Number:5A203

    Slitting and Rewinding Machine、Sheeting Machine、Coating & Lamination Machine、Gravure Press


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