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  • After-sale Service
    Ruian Dongfang was founded in 1982, and is a dedicated developer, manufacturer, and distributor of paper plastic converting machinery. With an expertly trained team of sales people and after-sales representatives, the company is able to guarantee their customers will get the best business support and satisfactory service at the reasonable price.
    We answer all customer inquiries via phone and e-mail. Before making a purchase, many customers have questions in regards to the applicability of paper products produced by our paper converting machines. Thanks to our service team, customers will always quickly receive the answer. There are also clients who call to request customized equipment. When that happens, a technician will contact you to understand the requirements, and then from there will offer a feasible, cost-effective production solution.

    Ruian Dongfang’s standard catalogue covers almost anything needed to support paper plastic converting machinery businesses, including 12 series. There are times when customers require new products that we have yet to create Depending on me intended use, working conditions, and order quantity, expert designers here will work to deliver the best quality equipment you need.

    In the event a custom design is received. Our engineers will work with you for the design drawing, and send it back to you for approval Price quotes will be different according to specific research and development costs, production expenses, and order quantities.
    Your order of standard configuration machine products will generally take up to 30-45 days to complete. For custom or extra-large orders, the leas time may be 30 to 60 days longer. Specialized service representatives are in charge of tracking each order, and will regularly inform clients the orders status.

    We understand the importance of quality inspection, which is why we carry out both internal and external quality audits to ensure that each Ruian Dongfang product is built to industry standards and without any defects. The final inspection is performed on the entire machine to make sure customers get the best value for their money. Upon delivery, each finished machine is wrapped tightly in vacuum packaging and supported by wooden case. We ship orders by sea from the Port of Ningbo.
    Customer service:
    When purchasing a paper converting machine, the price is not the only aspect customers look at. How much money will be spent on repairs and maintenance are common factors that must be taken into consideration when buying the right machine. Each of Ruian Dongfang products is covered by a one-year quality warranty. With our lifetime repair service, customers can rest assured that Ruian Dongfang machinery saves them money in the long run. 

    If there are any problems with our product quality, Ruian Dongfang will work to resolve your concern in 4 primary ways.
    1. We will send spare parts to you. 
    2. We provide support via telephone, and can also help repair your machine with guidance over video chat. 
    3. We will dispatch one of our agents in your local area to perform the repair. 
    4. Our China-based engineers will come to you and carry out repairs. 

    For any product damage that has occurred during shipping, we will hold ourselves responsible once the problem has been determined to be a result of faulty packaging. 

    We would love to hear your feedback, whether it be over phone or e-mail. This information is of significant value to us, as it helps us make modifications to our current products, technology, and services. It any problems arise, please contact us directly or e-mail the after-sales department. Our phone lines are open 24 hours, so no matter where you are calling from, someone will be on hand to answer. Our staff will respond quickly to your problems and carry out a satisfactory solution within 48 hours. 

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